Desi Does Dallas

So, my DEAREST DESI returned from a grueling work week of talking to grown-ups, eating out in restaurants, and  sleeping on a Sleep Number bed in Dallas. He must be exhausted. He works for a company I'm not allowed to name doing things I'm not allowed to talk about under threat of a secret SWAT-like team attack on my ass when I'm not expecting it if I ever say anything about their secret fragrance. ANYWAY...

He did manage to have the energy share a few anecdotes with me before he succumbed to the shear exhaustion of his responsibilities. Since I had just spent the week wiping baby's butts, washing dishes, and trying to figure out how to be in two places at the same time since his important job required him to be gone again...I was interested in a change of topic.

According to Dearest, their work trip to Dallas was very interesting. They spent each day planning what they would say to "people" they met with, then saying stuff to those people, then debriefing over dinner about what it was they said...even though they were all there the whole time. They tooled around by way of a black SUV with tinted windows and a driver who looked like he was a member of the Mexican Mafia. At one point, they pulled up to a house waiting for their interviewees to come home. The neighbors who were sitting out front in lawn chairs listening to Tejano music got nervous after a while. One of them nervously made a call on his cell phone and truck pulled up a few minutes later. They all hopped in the back and took off. I'm sure they had nothing to worry about.

Dearest said he realized now that many homes near the Cowboys' Stadium are well within our price range if we ever wanted to move back to Texas. He also said he visited several homes that were within shooting distance of the stadium. I'm sure they are.

And traffic in Dallas is always fun, especially when a cattle roundup goes South.

Apparently, a truck hauling cows lost control on the freeway shutting down traffic for about 9 hours. Many cows were injured in the accident and several lost their lives in the crash. The survivors wandered around the freeway scared and confused, 2 of which bailed off the bridge to their death. Bummer.  Here's a picture of the tractor digging a grave for the 2 that jumped.

In an update, it turns out the driver was probably on meth and didn't have the proper license either.

Poor things. I really like cows too.

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