Two Years In Review. Because I Got Distracted: My Life As Lucille

When I started blogging, I really didn’t know what in the hell I was doing. Surprise! I pretty much use the same philosophy with most things in my life: Fake it ‘till you make it.

In my typical fashion, I got sidetracked repeatedly by sparkly blog things such as social media presence, hacking code, glittery networks and groups, Top Moms, Bottom Moms, making my blog look less ugly, and Triberr. Don’t get me started.

And, as usual I missed some important milestones that most bloggers celebrate with grandeur. Like my ONE YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY. Yep. And the second one too. Those suckers came and went right by without my notice.

However, I did meet many generous friends and fellow story-tellers along the way. Some were newer to blogging, some were grizzled veterans and published authors. Through them, I learned and I gained a little more confidence as a writer. I achieved one of my lifelong dreams, to be published on paper in something other than my Masters thesis.

All Most of these friends were more than willing to share what they knew with me and to teach me how to be a better writer and blogger. But more importantly, they were genuinely glad to help me share my stories with others. That is the most awesome part about blogging. There are women out there who, like me a few years ago, feel isolated and are socially starving to death. So when we can help each other share our stories with more friends and reach out farther to more people who need it, we suddenly don’t feel so alone. And that is immensely empowering.

Blogging began for me as a way to communicate my pain and frustration with the uncontrollable changes that were taking place in my life. It was a place to put the thoughts that rattled around in my head out somewhere so I could get on with my daily duties. What it turned in to was a hub for a community of virtual friends who cared as much about my silly stories of how much Desi’s driving makes me want to vomit as they did about how completely miserable and insufferable my bouts with anxiety and depression were.

As I look back at my posts from this past year, I see my humor and sorrow in the form of the big picture. It looks a lot like what I envisioned My Life As Lucille, the blog would be. It would be like Lucy’s life was on television plus in real life. It would showcase massive messes of hilarious mix ups mixed with a heavy dose of reality, only masked with a smile and a wink.

I have so many people to thank that I couldn't possibly begin to list them. You can find them by creeping my facebook and twitter follows. There, you will find some of the most amazing, genuine people ever.

So with that, I leave you with a few high and low lights from this past year. I hope that 2014 brings you (and me) more laughter than sorrow, more happiness than pain, and certainly more prosperity than…the opposite of prosperity…thinking…thinking...where the hell is my thesaurus when I need it? Anyway, you get the idea.

2012-2013 My Life As Lucille

January - My grandmother died, my baby turned 10, and the Bloggess graciously accepted a my blog award plus offered me a mildly ill kitten for a Valentine.

February - The Pope quit (probably because of me), I invented a new Vatican souvenir, and I reflected on our lost little angel.

March - I lectured my 16 year old self about myself, I shared thoughts on the pressures we have placed on us, and introduced the elephants in the room.

April - I was published for the second time in a real book, I was featured on #BonfireChat with Gigi Ross, I revealed what evil lurks under the booster chairs at my dining room table, and shared Part II of my Interview With An Aussie with Molly of A Motherlife.

May - My sister was hospitalized with a serious medical condition, I was syndicated on BlogHer, I discovered evidence that social media existed as early as 900 A.D., I wrote about blogging with integrity, and I announced that I was responsible for inventing the Red Box. You're welcome.

June - I had a Twitter altercation with PBS Caillou that ended with a horrifying clown, I decided I needed to set aside more time for being creative and grateful, and I asserted that marathons should have Tequila and flashing as options.

July - I broke up a fight between my asshole uncle and my one-armed dad, I smashed the fuck out of our van and camper, attended #BlogHer13, and met Alyson from the Shitastropy blog.

August - I received my most appropriate blog award EVER - The Squirrel Award, Tara from YKIHAYHT signed my boobs with a sharpie, and I danced the night away with Steph Sprenger of Mommy For Real in Chicago.

September - I was in a total slump with depression, came to terms with being "just a mom," and opened an online resale shop that I subsequently got bored with and closed again.

October - I let my daughter skip school on purpose, gave myself permission to have a bad day, and decided that I would have a domestic shutdown in solidarity with the government.

November - I shared some sad memories of growing up with an abusive mother, struggled again with more depression, and started dating someone new.

December - I shared a personal story about surviving domestic abuse, shared my new shiny business as a #LivingLocket designer, and took the rest of the month off with my family.

That was sort of fun to remember the good, the funny, and the other stuff, since I usually tend only to remember the bad stuff. Here's to my one AND two year blog anniversaries!

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  1. Happy blog anniversaries, Lucy! That was one of the best recaps I've read. I must have found you in the spring, because I remember a lot of this (that happened on your blog; I don't stalk you in real life). Hope 2014 is a great year for you!

  2. I totally stalk you in real life. And I'm not ashamed. Thank you for all of your help getting me started :-)

  3. Happy 2nd anniversary. Sounds like you've had a very busy year. I didn't celebrate mine 1st year either. Maybe I'll do it on my second.

  4. I all stalk you in real life. and i am not shamefaced. many thanks for all of your help getting me started !!

  5. Hapy 2nd blog anniversary! Just dropping by to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Happy 2nd blog anniversary! Just dropping by to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. I love you guys! <3 Expecially the handful of you who are bothered when I write "expecially."


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