I Flash People - AKA The "Camera"

My dad had a "camera." It was. An amazing camera. He always had an amazing Canon that he could totally ROCK, even with one arm. You may or may not know this about him. You'll likely hear it at some point if you haven't heard it 10,000 times before.

So. He had a camera. And he took amazing pictures. He was so patient. Only we weren't always so patient in return. He would balance the lens on his stub of an arm. He would focus the lens as fast as he could. With one hand. Back when auto-focus and digital DSLR didn't exist.

And we would complain. Standing there. Posing. Waiting for the moments he would capture for our future. Especially my mother. She would howl, "Daniel! What's taking so long???"

He was doing the best he could.

Only, he taught us to have standards. Keep them high. Even higher than he could match.

And so. We were rude. Impatient. Assholes, in my opinion. All while he was focusing his manual camera with one hand.

Now. I look back. Because I have assholes of my own. And I think to myself, what the eff???

We were jack-asses! We had nothing to complain about! That, plus now we have picmonkey and photoshop. So, GEEZ!

*On a side note, my youngest, Asshole 2 is currently screaming and crying because I won't let her use the Canon EOS.

Well, screw her. I've waited 40+ years for that bitch. NO one is touching her any time soon. So get over it.


PS, I make custom lockets and hand-stamped metal plates. Leave a comment if you want to know more.

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  1. Amen sister. Assholes all around- including me on occasion. In fact, I just told our daughter I had to hang up the phone because I too busy. Bad Mommy. Now I need to call her back....

  2. Ha - I am similarly possessive of my Canon 60D. Take a photo with your iPhone or iPod, you spoiled brats. (mine, not yours). At least now we can snap a million pics and delete the 999,998 that suck. Our dads had to drive to that little photomat place and wait for theirs.

  3. Amazing the things you just expect your parents to be able to do, able bodied or not. Thanks for hooking up to the Hump Day Hook Up

  4. I'm not sure if that last comment worked, but the gist of it was that as a disabled person myself, sometimes the high expectations are nice (even if they come from a ridiculous place).

    1. I'm seeing now that my first comment did indeed fail to post. Therefore, I'd like to clarify a bit. Often, if you have a disability, people tred carefully around you, assuming that you are unable to function with regards to things that require using the part of you that is "disabled." Therefore, even if kids are being a$$holes, they may unintentionally also be empowering...


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