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I met with a young lady named Hayden the other day for lunch. She wanted my input and help with an idea she had for a children's picture book. She had only college writing experience and was uncertain as to whether or not publishing a children's book was a goal that was attainable. I politely disagreed and offered my services, however modest they were.

You see, in a former life, I was a Reading Specialist and Literacy Staff Development Leader for other educators. I was fortunate to have been mentored and guided by many talented and well known authors such as Patricia Polacco, Ralph Fletcher, CarmenAgra-Deedy, and Lester L. Laminack to name a few. If you aren't an elementary educator, these names may be unfamiliar unless you have read some of their works to your own children. If you haven't enjoyed them, I highly recommend these outstanding story-tellers.


You're welcome.

Hayden arrived, enthusiastically trotting into the restaurant with laptop tucked under a tentatively confident arm. I enjoyed a not-so-fabulous winter squash bisque as she talked at length about her ideas for a picture book. There were so many directions her story could be taken and so many points of view it could be told from that she wasn't entirely certain how to get started. Being the nerd I am, I withdrew the massive stack of resources and examples I had collected in anticipation for our meeting. As we spoke and munched, I slowly began to remove the items from the table. At the end of our lunch, there was nothing left on top of it but the heels of our unfinished sandwiches. She already had everything she need to start writing her story. And she had SO many amazing stories to tell.

That brings me to my point. Finally, right??? As Hayden and I finished our conversation, I recalled what Ralph Fletcher, published author once stated to my class of 5th grade students when visiting our school. He said, “If you want to be a writer, you must live life as a writer.” Although Mr. Fletcher was most certainly not the first or only author to ever speak to this mindset, that particular quote resonated with me that day.

And yet somehow, in the past three years of writing and being published, that thought became tragically buried beneath the rhetoric that is the publishing world. This is, until that day when Hayden and I met to discuss her ideas. She said, “I don’t really know how to get started.” My answer to her was, “Start writing.” At the same time, I came to the realization that much of the writer’s block I had been suffering from had more to do with writing for the sake of writing than writing because I had something to say.

Later that week, I came across a tweet by a friend and fellow writer. It was an invitation to something called ROW80.

I've never been much for writing challenges, mostly because challenges of any kind make me want to wretch. That, and I already have enough self-doubt as a human being on my own, without repeatedly failing at challenges to remind me so. Only this one, this writing challenge was one I truly wanted to participate in.

My #ROW80 goal is to write 30 minutes every morning, three days per week. Now, this may seem like I’m setting the bar pretty low. And I am. But for right now, that is far more than I have been writing in months! (By the way, my 30 minute timer just went off and I’m not going to stop writing this until I’m finished with what I have to say.) I am hoping over the time the challenge takes place, I will regain my writing endurance. If for no other reason, but to share what it is that I have to say.

To live life as a writer.

My question to begin with was, “How do you know when you are a writer?” The answer in my mind, and the one I hope Hayden took away from our lunch meeting is this.

I highly recommend you check out my friend Starr’s blog, The Insomniac’s Dream. She is a truly gifted writer and the epitome of living life as such. Also, you should check out the #ROW80 sponsors and consider the challenge for yourself. If I can do it, YOU can do it!

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  1. I love you so much! Not because you mentioned me. That's just a bonus.

    I AM SO EXCITED that you are doing this and having many happies in my writer's soul for you right now! 30 minutes a day is WRITING. It's MAKING WORDS you otherwise wouldn't have made - it's a start, it's a beginning, it's something.

    You've made me smile.

  2. I've been bumping around a similar question lately: Am I really a writer? Well, writers write. So get writing, and then you'll have your answer. That's what I said to myself, but I don't always listen to what I have to say, so we'll see how THAT goes! I’m attempting 500 words per day, with hopes of completing my WIP by June 30, 2015. Good luck! We can do this!

    Good luck! We can do this!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Andi-Roo! It's been a long time since I feel like I've written anything worth publishing. I have a few long term goals rattling around in my head too, so I'll be checking in with you for some advice. Good luck on your goal as well. I'm looking forward to June 30!

  3. I finally got a chance to visit you proper. Love the post! So much of it make sense to me. I've been working on living the writer's life: writing, editing, reading, etc. Started this Round with a daily word count of 100 words, a return to regular blogging, submitting, and editing. I do theatre, so sometimes the writing gets push aside.

    Best of luck on Round 1!

    I'll stop in from time to time! And thanks for the Facebook invites too! :-) You can check out my own Facebook page Here, There be a Writer:

    1. Hello and thanks for stopping by! After week 1 of my first round, I'm starting to realize my goal was short-sighted. I think I'll be adding to my original goal based on what I've read from participants such as yourself. I've always had an interest in theatre, although my talent never agreed. ;-) I'm looking forward to the journey with this outstanding #ROW80 community!

  4. I concur, challenges of any kind scare the crap out of me, because I too have low self-esteem and automatically assume I won't achieve. I love this post. It's filled with information AND motivation. Also I'd like to point to the quote you inserted about being a writer: just recently I read an article in which the author was saying that bloggers are not real writers. I like your school of thought much better. And like the advice you gave Hayden, I need to just "start writing." Thank you.


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