#ROW80 Update 2/18/15

Hello there! If you're visiting from ROW80, today's post is an update of my goals and progress. If you're here for some funny or one of my regularly published pieces of prose, feel free to look around. And don't forget to subscribe on your socials. My #1000speak post on compassion goes live later today. 

Round 1 ROW80 Goal:

Write 30 minutes, 3 times a week for a minimum of 90 minutes per week. So how did I do in the first week?

Well, I just want to say...HOLY SHIT, I'm co-authoring a children's book now too! I haven't published a ton of posts, but I have been doing loads of writerly stuff. I'm collaborating on another children's book project with a friend. I'm working out a new feature here that will be called something like, Stories Of You. I've met some incredibly inspirational people in the past two months through working at the local college and tutoring GED students. I can't wait to put some of those stories out here.

I wrote a post yesterday about Ash Wednesday, which is a sign that my warped sense of humor is still in tact for the most part. I'm attempting to outline a feature or possibly a series to submit for syndication about addiction and mental health. For those of you who know me personally, my family is still struggling. I'm just not quite ready to share, but I will soon.

All in all, I'm very pleased with my progress on my #ROW80 goals. I'm VERY grateful for my network of friends and writers who help keep me striving for growth.

You may have heard, one of my dear friends Mommy Mish has had a great deal of continued success with her writing. Because she's amazing. One of her most recent posts that's gone viral is a letter to her children about the movie #50ShadesOfGrey and it is taking the internet community by storm. It's been featured and shared by numerous important people, including Dr. Drew. If she gets to meet Dr. Phil, I am totally going to be jealous.

So, to wrap it up, click HERE to read about my very first #ROW80 round one goal and the inspiration behind it.

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