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My Life As Lucille is PR friendly and, OF COURSE I'd love to help share the love for your blog, product, service, or magical powers.

Why advertise with ME, you ask? Well, duh. I am kind of famous. I don't use Google Adsense so people respect and pay attention when I share my advertisers and sponsors.

Also, I have thousands of awesome readers, bloggers, twitter friends, and fans that visit and share my advertisers with their friends. Because. They LOVE Lucy. My blog and fan pages stats are stellar and my network of followers has a high level of social media influence.


Here is just one example of how my blog network and readers spread the love of my advertisers to their followers.  This was in a mere matter of hours.

I will be attending #BlogHer14 again this year. Contact me for specific information on partnering with me for advertising and social media marketing for the event. It's going to be HUGE!

Email me your questions and we'll do epic things!

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