About Lucy

I'm a mom. Wife. Sister. Educator. Artist. Writer.

I make custom jewelry, two pieces of which are owned by Tom Hanks' wife, Rita Wilson. True story!

I have a very twisted healthy sense of humor. I am also deeply passionate about helping others find peace and happiness in the shittiest of situations. Oh. I tend to use profanity occasionally. Sorry.

I share my stories and experiences about parenting, life, depression, and growing up in an abusive household. Don't think it will be all sad and heavy though. I'm usually sort of funny. And I love to travel, cook, and make jewelry. So be prepared to see that too.

Like many of you, I struggle with the challenges that life throws at me. But I refuse to let that keep me down. And when I am most honest in my posts, I find people feel thankful and relieved. I write about the things many of us can't talk about either in real life or on their blogs for one reason or another.

I started this blog as a creative outlet, and it has evolved numerous times. I've been published in books and syndicated on BlogHer Publishing Network. I'm sort of proud of that. More importantly though, I have come to know this blog as a community of friends who share and support each other. 

The past 6 years have been difficult for me. Personal, family, and health issues have plagued my family. I could not have made it through in one piece without humor and the kindness and support of my readers. 

I hope you will join us here. Share your stories. Find strength in togetherness.

You are never alone.  

It is through facing our challenges head-on that we become empowered to overcome them.

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